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Open Hearts

Lee Konitz (리 코니츠)

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ZOLLER sound 4 / Lee Konitz - open hearts
알토 섹스폰의 전설 '리 코니츠와  바리톤 섹스폰의 '토마스 졸러'가 러치는 불꽃 튀는 나팔 세션!
LEE KONITZ, alto sax
THOMAS ZOLLER, baritone sax
Germany, November 17 & 18, 1998.
01. 100+8
02. La Paloma Revisited
03. The Call
04. Vrindavan
05. Timezome Earth
06. Unisono
07. I Want to Live
08. Illusion
09. Love and Simplicity
10. Open Hearts
Zollsound 4 feat. Lee Konitz - Open Hearts
Lee Konitz is a master of linear playing and a stylist on the highest level.
The purity of Konitz intonation – that cool nobility which hasy been present in his playing since the 40s – is famous.
Lee Konitz shows in this recording just how exquisite chords can sound even without chord instruments.
But we have always known Lee to be one of the greatest spontaneous composers of Jazz.
To play without chord instruments is absolutely no problem for a baritone saxophonist of Thomas Zoller’s calibre,
it has had its own special fascination ever since the days of the Gerry Mulligan Quintet in the 50’s.
Carlo Mombelli (South Africa) and Billy Elgart (USA) give a rhythm team that plays from funky to free with inspiring imagination.
The result of this group’s unique partnership is a clear, transparent line.
A revelry in counterpoint, modern grooves and sounds that ,sophistication.succeeds as seldom before, in a union of eloquence and fire.








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      Open Hearts
      Lee Konitz (리 코니츠)

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