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Lee Konitz (리 코니츠)

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1. Cherokee
2. Subconscious-Lee
3. I Remember You
4. Polka Dots And Moonbeats
5. Color
6. Kary's Trance
7. Thingin'
Lee Konitz New Quartet (With) Minsarah ‎– Live At The Village Vanguard
Alto Saxophone – Lee Konitz
Bass – Jeff Denson
Drums – Ziv Ravitz
Piano – Florian Weber (2)
Recorded By – Jim Anderson
Recorded By [Assistant] – Geoff Countryman
Recorded March 31 & April 1, 2009 at The Village Vanguard.
1983년 마지막 연주이후 16년 만에 Minsarah 트리오와 의기투합으로 이루어진 빌리지 뱅가드공연.

"리 코니츠의 알토는 세련됨을 만들어 낸다.
이 그룹의 음악은 화려한 질감을 느끼게하고 종종 불가사이한 아름다움을 불러 일으키며,
문화의 다양성과 주제에 관한 여행을 찬미한다." - 워싱턴 포스트

"Considered one of the driving forces of jazz,

American jazz composer and alto saxophonist Lee Konitz is able to erase context and preconceptions,

and more or less blow your mind." -- New York Times 


Cover Sticker: "Sparkling ... tantalizing" (New York Times) / "A celebration of cultural diversity and thematic exploration" (Washington Post).

Lee Konitz maintains that this uncompromising,

completely personal recording is a high point in his long career,

and was thrilled about the great "welcome home" the New York press and the enthusiastic audience gave him.

This recording features longtime Konitz collaborators Minsarah.








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      Lee Konitz (리 코니츠)

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