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LBT (엘비티)

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카테고리 재즈




LBT - STEREO 고전과 테크노의 스파크!


CD1: 막시밀리언(베이스)은 강렬한 테크노 재즈를 더욱 선명하게 보여준다.

꽉꽉 쥐어짜다 '빵' 터지는게 이 앨범의 컨셉.


CD2: 레오 베츨 (Leo Betzl)의 작곡으로 현대 재즈의 다양한 스타일로 무장하여

데뷔 앨범 'Levitation (2016)' 이후로 돌아온다. 



My Songs Beckon Softly



When I'm Dawn

So Mellow



Parks Bells


Slow Hot Wind

Changing Moods


9To5 Paradigm


Leo Betzl - piano

Maximilian Hirning – double bass

Sebastian Wolfgruber – drums


CD1 Composed by Maximilian Hirning

CD2 Composed by Leo Betzl


Steinway Prize, The Kurt Maas Award, Hansjörg -Henzler jazz prize 등

독일 내 다수의 음악상을 수상한 뉴 저먼 재즈의 기수 “LBT” 

“2018 BMW Welt Jazz Award” 수상 


테크노, 하우스, 미니멀 음악 구조와 그들만의 세련되고 창조적인 즉흥 연주로 역동적인 공연을 보장하는 엄청난 예술 교류! - yellowbird


That acoustic instruments and electronic music go together,

that improvisation and a 4-on-the-floor kick drum live in perfect harmony; the piano trio LBT,

originating in modern jazz, has proven these claims with its techno debut Way Up in the Blue.

Over the last two years they have further developed their unmistakable sound on numerous concert tours.

In 2017, they were awarded the BMW Welt Jazz Award, in 2019 the Burghauser Jazzpreis.

Their February 2020 double-EP release STEREO achieves a richly contrasting meeting of both genres which constitute the LBT sound cosmos.

Five new techno tracks by Maximilian Hirning testify to the consistent sharpening of his musical language:

more reduced, dark and energetic than ever before. Leo Betzl is back after Levitation (2016) with new compositions in modern jazz:

his songs here demonstrate a wide stylistic diversity — and not least,

the fact that his writing was inspired by the collective experience of playing techno shows that both genres on STEREO don’t compete,

rather strike up sparks against one another.









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