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Johannes Enders (요하네스 엔더스 )

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Johannes Enders
ohannes Enders - tenor saxophone 
Jean Paul Brodbeck - piano 
Milan Nicholic - bass 
Billy Hart - drums 
One of europes most important tenorsaxophone players with his new quartet feat. Billy Hart, Jean Paul Brodbeck and Milan Nicholic. Enders 2009 release with Billy Hart (Live At Café Dambert enja 9193 ) and his 2012 release (“Billy Rubin” enja 9707) have both been awarded with the german “JazzEcho”., His collaboration with the famous Weilheim group NOTWIST and his own EndersRoom ( with Rebekka Bakken) helped to establish a growing reputation amoung advanced listeners. 

"Enders is a masterful instrumentalist." 
Howard Mandel, Down Beat Magazin, U.S.A. 

"Unlike many other young players, Enders has his own sound." 
Cadence Magazin 

"The discovery of the year." 
Jazz Life 

"One of the most important storytellers in Jazz today." 
Jazz Podium
Johannes Enders Quartet








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      Johannes Enders (요하네스 엔더스 )

      DISK : 1

      • 1. Expressionist 7:08
      • 2. Circle Birds 3:19
      • 3. Tomorrow It's Tomorrow 0:00
      • 4. Mellowtonin 0:00
      • 5. Chomutov 0:00
      • 6. Son of the Sun 0:00
      • 7. Empty Tree 0:00
      • 8. Anima 0:00
      • 9. Circle Birds Reprise0:00