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Crescent Moon Waning

Kip Hanrahan (킵 한라한)

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24,000 won
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KIP Hanrahan

Crescent Moon Waning








01. She Can Measure The History Of Dreams   5:30

02. Lucia’s Young Night    2:00

03. Dancing With Sweetness, Tonight  4:32

04. Perfect Math, In A Model Bronx Childhood   2:23

05. Our Reflection In The Turbulent Heat (It's Really You...)   1:27

06. Silvana Laughs At The Film Noir Shadows (For Silvana DeLuigi)   3:33

07. Andy Laughs At One Of The Few Golden Veins In Our Bronx Childhood (For Andy Gonzalez)   6:06

08. We Were Not Alone (Fernando Looks For Closure - But There's Never Any...)(For Lou And Jack)   6:38

09. Name Us Light   2:34

10. Sometimes I Can Go For Nights, Forgetting   2:03

11. She And He Describe The Exact Same Intimate Moment   6:38

12. A Naked Woman, Comfortable  0:30

13. A More Naked Man, Frightened  0:29

14. The Dusk Coming To A Moving Rest  1:01

15. Somewhere In The Deepest Blue, There’s A Woman Who Knows...  4:31

16. The Heat Changed The Colors Of My Eyes 1:37

17. The Night Finding It’s Form  1:54

18. Some Scottish Lullaby  0:43

19. In Olinda, She Calmly Explained The Use Of The Reflexive....  3:48

20. All Us Working Class Boys  5:11



Kip Hanrahan, Lucia Ameen, Brandon Ross, Cliff Korman

Robby Ameen, Steve Swallow, Fernando Saunders, Jennifer Hernandez

Giacomo Merega, Grayson Hugh, Jack Bruce 


장르 블렌딩의 대가! Kip Hanrahan의 brand new 앨범

'킵 한라한' 만의 독특한 스타일을 유지하면서도 Fernando Saunders, Steve Swallow, Jack Bruce와 같은

최고의 뮤지션 들과 함께 라틴, 재즈, 아방가르드, 등을 버무린

장르 블렌딩 뮤직!










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      Crescent Moon Waning
      Kip Hanrahan (킵 한라한)

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