[ENJA YEB-7753]



24,000 won
(구매시 2,400원 적립)

카테고리 재즈, 수입음반

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"Oh Yeah Ho!"

Quentin Ghomari - tp 
Raphaël Quenehen - ts 
Sébastien Palis - p,org,acc 
Thibault Cellier - b 
Jeremie Piazza - dr 

Roy Nathanson - as, voice 
Fidel Fourneyron - tb 

1. Los Mariachis - 16:37   2. Canon/Snow Day - 9:18   3. Peggy’s Blue Skylight / Cancion Mixteca - 8:48 
4. Flamingo - 3.00   5. Gibril The Clown - 7:11   6. Funeral Boogaloo - 8:57   7. Cumbia and Jazz Fusion - 9:41 


Pick five musicians among the best French young jazzmen, bestow an encyclopedic musical knowledge upon them, blend everything together and you'll get Papanosh. 
With significant space devoted to groove, to pulsation, to dance, to jazz, the Papanosh musicians bring a breath of freshness to the notion of Imaginary Folklore, yet keeping in mind the de-compartmentalized art of an Art Ensemble of Chicago. This band offers a music that is as explosive in its result as it is coherent in its conception: a music full of imagination, of joyful and improvised risk takings, of tender or merry smiles, of climate ruptures, all for a kaleidoscope of unique sensations and feelings. 

"The timeless spirit of Charles Mingus looms large in the music of Papanosh, who bring saxophonist Roy Nathanson into their intoxicating collision of headlong rhythms and surprising melody — all the way from south west France by way of downtown New York." 








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      OH YEAH HO

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