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Circuit Rider

RON MILES (론 마일스)

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Ron Miles / Bill Frisell / Brian Blade
"Circuit Rider"
Ron Miles - trumpet 
Bill Frisell - guitar 
Brian Blade - drums 

1. Comma (9:04)   2. Jive Five Floor Four (6:54)   3. The Flesh Is Weak (4:58)   4. Dancing Close And Slow (8:48)    
5. Circuit Rider (4:53)   6. Reincarnation Of A Lovebird (7:05)   7. Angelina (5:01)   8. Two Kinds Of Blues (9:37) 
"Ron Miles is one of the finest trumpeters in jazz today. I can’t come up with a compelling reason why he should be anything other than a major name." 

"Miles plays brilliantly, singing the melodies with a tone bright and vocalized, tinged with melancholy..." 
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      Circuit Rider
      RON MILES (론 마일스)

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