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바흐 골드베르크 변주곡

The Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra (슈투트가르트 체임버 오케스트라)

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68,000 won
(구매시 6,800원 적립)

카테고리 클래식, LP

디지털은 완벽하지만 아날로그가 더 좋다!
* Cut From the Original Master Tapes
* Pressed on 180 grams of Audiophile Virgin Vinyl
* HQ Cover Jacket and Dust-Free Inner Sleeve
Recording by TRITONUS Musikproduktion GmbH, Stuttgart / Germany
Recorded at Liederkranzhalle, Stuttgart-Botnag / Germany, July 5-7, 2000
Recording, Balance Engineer and Editor : Stephen Schellmann
Producer: Geunwha Lee

바흐 음악의 산림욕, 현악의 숲을 거닐다...


68현이 들려주는 영혼의 초콜릿

2013년 핫트랙스 클래식 차트, 7개월 연속 1위 석권


"슈투트가르트 챔버오케스트라의 '골드베르크 변주곡' 녹음은 바흐 음악에 바치는 경의의 표현이다.

슈투트가르트라는 도시 자체가 바흐 음악의 숭배지이고,

이 오케스트라 역시 바흐 음악에 대한 스페셜리티 때문에 생겨난 악단이 아니던가." - 음악평론가 배석호

- Father of Modern Music is Here.

- New Interpretation with 68 Strings.
- HQ Orchestral Sound From the City of Bach, Stuttgart.
- Old But Gold. It is Bach's Goldberg Variations

Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra

Founded by Karl Muenchinger in 1945. their reputation built up with SCO's fresh interpretation for J.S Bach. Following a triumphant Paris debut in 1949 as the 1st German orchestra to perform there after the world war II end. The success of SCO over the next 50 years is reflected in the frequent invitations to perform all over the world with their recordings such as Bach's Brandenburg concerto and orchestral suites, the St. Matthew Passion, and a complete recording of Mozart's later symphonies.


Dmitry Sitkovetsky

Dmitry Sitkovetsky, the great musician and also an old friend of the SCO, is also a very adept arranger for chamber orchestra of all kinds of scores. Son of a famous keyboard interpreter, Bella Davidovich, the Goldberg Variations seem to be particularly close to his heart, his first arrangement of the work for string trio dating from the early 80's. Having performed his own arrangement many times, he came to the conclusion that an expanded version for string orchestra would offer a broader spectrum of colours and contrasts. His second transcription, the version which the SCO has now recorded, dating from the early 90s, contains such fascinating juxtapositions of solo and tutti combinations that a harpsichord, with a more limited number of different registers would find difficult to match. The SCO's recording under the direction of its own concertmaster Benjamin Hudson offers a prismatic view of this great masterwork.  Johannes Paulsen (Jazz Critic)








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      바흐 골드베르크 변주곡
      The Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra (슈투트가르트 체임버 오케스트라)

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